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Big Questions: Myth Busters - UPDATE!

In response to feedback from our members we have updated our 'Myth Busters' big question to give everyone a chance to provide their answers anonymously.

Funded Research Blog

Hi LF Colleagues,

Does anyone have or know of a good, succinct policy on digital/online plagiarism, copyright and IPR that I could see? We are putting one together for the NETSPass project and it would be really helpful - and greatly appreciated! - if I could see some existing examples. I will of course share the NETSpass policy with Learning Futures colleagues as soon as ours is done. 

Many thanks in advance.


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The Journey has started…

Easter has long gone and summer is knocking on the door. Our programme includes running, what we call, ‘Onboarding’ sessions. This has been developed out of decades of understanding that most of us ask questions whenever we are asked to join a new initiative or programme. There are always just 2 questions that jump up into our minds:

1. Why?
2. What’s in it for me?

It’s not as if lecturers and students are searching for stuff to do right? They already have full timetables,…

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Learning Futures Sharing Practice

It was great to see how all the projects are progressing at the event yesterday at Barking and Dagenham College. The opportunity to network, enabled me to get other useful ideas for the use of technology in teaching too.

It was really interesting to hear from Abingdon and Witney College, a phase 2 project about supporting progression into employment through the effective use of LinkedIn. What an interesting idea helping both staff and students to understand how to market…

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"All Ears" positive feedback

After completing the initial research and staff training aspects of the project we have started to produce video assessment feedback to share with our learners.  Whilst the initial research and staff training has proved to be very important, useful and have various valued spin-offs it has taken longer than we expected and, at times, we have probably focussed on the technology a little too much.

In terms of the project timeline we are still where we need to be although we are now…

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About the Learning Futures programme

Learning Futures is an ambitious and exciting programme designed to support governors, leaders, teachers and trainers to inspire learning through the effective use of technology. 

A key feature of the programme will be the development of online communities of practice where ideas and learning will be shared. Working collaboratively, we will explore new possibilities, solve challenging problems, and generate new knowledge and understanding that will support the professional development of the workforce.

Sharing ideas

What are your thoughts on Nita's story? Add your comments to the blog post here.

Member Activity (#lfutures)

Jade Dalton via Twitter
@AlexMachellTut: Sport students getting on Twitter to improve their learning #LFsportL2 #Lfutures pic.twitter.com/yw0cMFAScG” Good work guys!!
Alex Machell via Twitter
Sport students getting on Twitter to improve their learning #LFsportL2 #Lfutures pic.twitter.com/W3K1nJBWLg
Richard via Twitter
Accessibility issue W/@AQA past paper now sorted. Thanks to Alison Roberts and Rachael from customer services / social sciences #LFutures :D
Roger Clegg via Twitter
Maximising the use of Open Badges webinar with @dajbelshaw and #lfutures
Alex Machell via Twitter
@ed71993777 getting some tips on #Twitter off @DebMillar24. Very happy with the results! #lfsportl3 #lfutures pic.twitter.com/HWe1TbhlYV
Deborah Millar via Twitter
Deborah Millar via Twitter
Deborah Millar via Twitter
So proud of @ed71993777 @bbcollege who is working hard to embrace new #technologies to engage #lfsportl3 with @AlexMachell #lfutures


Register for a range of live webinars developed to support the post-16 education and training workforce to use learning technologies effectively.

24th April 2015 at 2.00pm: Online Badging
Join Sven Laux and Bryan Mathers  from Kineo  to pick up the latest tips on how badging is being used creatively and effectively to enhance learning .

27th April 2015 at 2.00pm: Line of sight to work
An exciting opportunity to hear from Alun Rogers, Director of Risual PLC. Alun is working collaboratively with Stafford College and has developed the Risual Academy which will see over 20 apprentices progress through the academy into roles at his company.

30th April 2015 at 1.00pm: Instructional Design
Join Daniel Whiston to focus on practical examples and the core principles you need to bear in mind whether you are designing online learning materials, managing a team that work in this area, or are commissioning an external supplier.

To register for a webinar, download this registration form (this needs to be returned to admin@lfutures.co.uk).

Programme News & Events

It was being awoken by the barking of the dog early on a Saturday morning nearly ten years ago that first made me think about the role of technology in college governance. The postman could not get the thick bundle of documents through the letter box and answering the door in my dressing gown at six-thirty on a freezing winter morning sharpened my focus.

After 25 years in further education, I moved to the National College for School Leadership to train head teachers, and I also became…

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On 4th November, leaders of the thirteen action research projects started their journey at London’s Rainmaking Loft. Over the coming year, they will be developing approaches and resources to support leaders and teachers to embed the effective use of learning technologies into teaching, learning and assessment.

Watch our video to find out more about them, what inspires them, what they hope to achieve, and how they will be collaborating with the wider online community along the…

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