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New CPD guide

Harnessing the Learning Futures CPD framework

During the next few months, many organisations will be focusing on staff development and we have a raft of resources ready for you to use. Our new CPD Guide has been designed to help you make full use of all of these resources to create your own tailored CPD sessions.

At the core of our resources are 11 free CPD modules for staff that demonstrate how technology can be used to enhance learning: for example, effective instructional design, online badging, gamification and videos.

Each module comprises a recorded webinar, a targeted activity and curated research:

Funded Research Blog

Xerte Training

Last Wednesday, 1st July, we were very privileged to welcome Ron Mitchell to Harlow College to train staff on the very latest version of Xerte (version 3) as part of our Learning Futures project. We had requested further support in the use of Xerte earlier on in the life of the project but the wait was worth it, and on…

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Camera Shy - Not any more!

During a Support meeting with one of the Engineers this month we discussed the next video support resource Ian wanted to make for his learners. He told me that working out angles, needed in order to set up the machines when producing tapers, was a really common problem amongst the apprentices. He explained that it was easy to teach in the classroom where he could show them on a whiteboard but when the apprentices needed help on the workshop floor, it meant pulling them away from their…

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About the Learning Futures programme

Learning Futures is an ambitious and exciting programme designed to support governors, leaders, teachers and trainers to inspire learning through the effective use of technology. 

A key feature of the programme will be the development of online communities of practice where ideas and learning will be shared. Working collaboratively, we will explore new possibilities, solve challenging problems, and generate new knowledge and understanding that will support the professional development of the workforce.

Sharing ideas

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John Webber via Twitter
Interesting insights and valuable debate about FE Governors understanding of learning technology #lfutures @bobharrisonset @HoWCollege
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Just back from #lfutures Governance event @HoWcollege in time for @Lostockcollege Yr 7-10 Awards evening in a very wet Trafford
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Bob Harrison via Twitter
Interesting day @HoWCollege learning about their research into FE Governors understanding/knowledge of teachnology for learning #lfutures
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David Monk posted a blog post
Last Wednesday, 1st July, we were very privileged to welcome Ron Mitchell to Harlow College to trai…
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“Every teacher who wants to deliver a “blended” approach to learning must be accredited “ #lfutures
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Fascinating results from FE/Adult Governors research into their knowledge/understanding of how technology can improve learning #lfutures
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Bob Harrison via Twitter
How do governors develop their knowledge and understanding of benefits of technology for learning #lfutures pic.twitter.com/hTEB7OXtAJ
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Access a series of free, recorded webinars led by experts on topics such as eLeanring Delivery, Instructional design, Online badging and Assistive Technologies.

Programme News & Events

It was being awoken by the barking of the dog early on a Saturday morning nearly ten years ago that first made me think about the role of technology in college governance. The postman could not get the thick bundle of documents through the letter box and answering the door in my dressing gown at six-thirty on a freezing winter morning sharpened my focus.

After 25 years in further education, I moved to the National College for School Leadership to train head teachers, and I also became…

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On 4th November, leaders of the thirteen action research projects started their journey at London’s Rainmaking Loft. Over the coming year, they will be developing approaches and resources to support leaders and teachers to embed the effective use of learning technologies into teaching, learning and assessment.

Watch our video to find out more about them, what inspires them, what they hope to achieve, and how they will be collaborating with the wider online community along the…

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